Week 5A

Week 5 Questions

Do you need to revise your original goal(s)? No. I could add it in terms of tabata length and performance. It’s one thing I keep track of. A more baseline goal is to follow the program to the end of the semester: to have at-least tried. If I see no difference, I suspect I haven’t tried enough, in which case I will consider increased effort.

Are/is your goal(s) still realistic? I sense a difference in ability. I don’t see a definitive visual difference in my abs. The jury is still out. I will do it to the end.

Why or why not? State your new goals if they’ve changed.

I will continue to try to improve intensity on the same training and then prolonge it

What is working in your program? I’m doing it two workouts every week.

What do you need to change? I don’t know. I will have to wait another week or two.

How many servings of vegetables should you eat each day? 5-9 times (12 baby carrots) servings

Are you getting enough? Probably not.

If not, how could you ensure that you do? More fruit servings. Carrots too. I already eat vegetables twice a day during dinner. and often fruit servings.




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