Week 4 Questions

I am now titling my weeks by the questions per week list

Week 4 Questions

What have been some major barriers so far in carrying out your activity plan?

Distractions. Photo-taker presence

How have you adapted your program to overcome these barriers?

Just took photo of timer and did first workout 1 day earlier for more rest time. Did the things that I remember. A lot of exercises were similar so I’d do more of the ones I remember instead of doing all of them.

What solutions have you found?

Add a timer for predictability and control. do it now and the distractions later. Spend more time exercising and less time setting up.

Do it now rather and leave the distractions for later. Timer

Has your program changed at all from your original design?


If so how and why?

I now do all or part of my workout in the tabata format to save time. Having precise expectation of time and completion helps do it. I streamlined the whole procedure.

How long should you rest after completing a muscular strength or endurance workout?

48hours for athlete level training.

Why? to avoid injury

What happens if you don’t? injury


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