Week 1A

Last time I took a lot of photos, I don’t know if I have to explain 2 photos per part of the workout (warmup, core, stretching)

This time I will keep it at 2 photos per part.



standing up, put left hand in middle top of back. turn head to the right, turn head forward down until I feel stretch in the side of my neck.


2:34 Sitting on a chair, pull on left side of chair with left hand. In the same time, pull head to the right with right hand.

3:30 sit on stability ball. then, roll forward on the ball by making small steps forward. The ball should be rolling backwards relative to the body. Do the opposite to get out of the position to sitting on the ball.

7:49 position yourself as in the first photo. Then lean forward or back leg backwards to keep front leg at around 90 degree angle. If right leg forward, put left hand over the head and use pull a little leftward with right hand while turning sideways to the right to pull on the left of the core.

Warm-up part 2

Core Training



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