Program Objectives

1. What are your specific areas of weakness you identified in your physical assessment?

No appearance of abs.

2.What would you personally like to improve upon or gain from an exercise program? (To have fun, lose weight, socialize, look better, etc.) Be as specific as possible (lose some weight vs lose 5lbs or get stronger vs squat 150lbs). Use the SMART goal setting method to set goals.

Better appearance of abs. This will be measured by my ability to raise my upper body from a horizontal standing position to a sitting position. My legs will be locked horizontally, and I will be facing up and bring myself up and then down to being straight again. I haven’t done this exercise yet. But I will determine an objective for this.

Do it 30-60 times. Also, Plank 2 minutes. (can currently do 90 seconds).

3.Explain specific examples of what would motivate you to participate in and stick to a regular exercise program? Why do these reasons motivate you?

Ability to get abdominals. I can then get more attractive abdominals in periods of my adulthood to attract females. Knowing I can do this will make me less discouraged in my sexual self-esteem by other’s superior abs but more importantly know it’s an ability I have.

4.Explain specific barriers or excuses which would prevent you from participating in and sticking to an exercise program? What habits can you create to help you succeed?

Distractions, other non-time-flexible priorities taking up all the time. Doing works in advance to avoid congestion and to remember that consistency is what brought my first visible improvements and proved to me that exercising for fitness was productive and not a waste of time.

5.How does your exercise program fit into your weekly schedule (find space for a minimum of one 1 hour block at the fitness center)? You must fill in a 7-day schedule. You must show your classes, your work hours, your workout times, your sleep, your leisure time, etc. Include the schedule in your word document.

shcedule with fitness.png



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